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Return On Investment (ROI) Services

ROI Workshops

The two day workshop covers the tools and techniques used in calculating ROI on Training and HR interventions. Participants get a chance to study real case studies and solve problems based on real/relevant examples. This workshop will guide participants to implement the process of ROI and measure the interventions in their respective organizations. Practical guidelines will be provided to incorporate step wise ROI methodology with cost benefit analysis.

ROI Consulting

Exponential Advisory provides assistance with assessment, measurement, and evaluation to individuals and organizations. We conduct impact studies right from evaluation framework to ROI measurement. Exponential Advisory provides guaranteed satisfaction. Projects range from studies involving a small group of individuals to large-scale evaluations spanning multiple months or years.

ROI Certification

The program includes a 5-day course surrounding the ROI Methodology, a systematic approach to program evaluation that is proven to deliver accurate and credible results. After the course you will receive one-on-one support as you conduct your first Impact/ROI Study in your own organization.

ROI Methodology

ROI Methodology

What is it?

  • Systematic approach to evaluate all kinds of programs and projects

  • Captures six types of data from Reaction to ROI

  • Credible and scalable process

  • Most widely used evaluation system, with global adoption

Key Benefits

  • Improve Projects

  • Demonstrate Value

  • Secure Funding

  • Forecast ROI

  • Align with Business


Over 5,000 organizations have chosen ROI Institute to build internal measurement and evaluation capability.

      Our Mission

      To Implement the ROI Methodology in organizations and build capability in individuals to implement the ROI methodology.

      ROI on HR and Training for PSUs

      Dear Friends

      We get a lot of calls from HR and training departments of PSUs (Public Sector Undertaking) for ROI consulting and training. On demand from PSUs, a public workshop was held in the month of September 2016 exclusively for PSUs. Professionals from Indian Oil, ONGC, NHPCL and NEEPCO attended the training.

      It is great to see that PSUs are coming out of the shell and want to implement the ROI process.

      The participants were told to identify a training on which they would want to implement the ROI process. They selected programs such as
      1. Crucial conversations among teams
      2. Gender diversity workshops
      3. Employee engagement surveys

      The participants were excited for the training. Phillips ROI Methodology was covered as the part of the ROI training. Many were unsure if this works on the job. They had doubts that such theories work in Indian PSUs.

      The workshop began with Business Alignment. This session itself was a success. Post the session, participants realized the following gaps in their training programs
      1. Business alignment of the training – Their training objectives were not in alignment with the business needs.
      2  Training needs identification (TNI) – TNI is not done correctly and hence there exists a gap in the target and the training.
      3. Content – The content didnot cover hardcore case studies, examples, simulations that would help people on the job. The content mainly covered concepts and theory. So people were not aware how to apply what they learnt.

      I realized that not only PSUs but even Private ltd. companies face above challenges and gaps. Post the business alignment session, the Phillips Methodology was explained and case studies and exercises were solved. The program was hands-on and so participants got a chance to work on the program they selected to implement the ROI process.

      The participants were open to discussion and learning. They wanted to implement the ROI process and wanted to make the changes once they returned to their workplace.

      It is good to see that PSUs are open to changing the way their department works. There was a request from participants to conduct more of such workshops.

      Next blog topic – Importance of Content in a training program.

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      With Gratitude

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      What Our Clients Say About Us

      Exponential advisory melds both types of thinking required in an advisory firm – strategic thinking and ability to implement on time. They have leveraged their experience in HR and Systems to effectively monitor performance across the board
      Kuldip Kamat
      DirectorAll Wave AV

      The simplicity of the programme is its USP.

      Urmila NaikManagerMahindra and Mahindra

      A very good programme and trainer. Very flexible and approachable trainer.

      Gurvindar RisamExecutive HRNerolac

      The ROI in Training workshop was intense and interactive.

      Kunal SalunkheTraining ManagerUSV

      One of the best program attended by me. Loved every aspect of ROI. Most of my queries were solved.

      Sheril J. D’souzaManagerMahindra


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