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Welcome to Exponential Advisory, your source for Training and HR evaluations. Our ROI consulting and workshops help organizations across India to bring their programs under the ROI umbrella.

Our consulting and training assignments help organizations to

  1. Evaluate the programs in terms of investment-benefit analysis

  2. Become a learning organization

  3. Bring in transparency in their training programs

  4. Make all the programs result oriented

  5. Reduce the training cycle

  6. Make HR a profit centre

  7. Quantify

ROI is the stepping stone to measure the value of learning.

One of the challenges faced by organizations is to measure the effectiveness of all types of programs. The evaluation methodology has been tried and tested, and is the only way to address the accountability issues faced by organizations. Evaluation and ROI help in justifying your HR and training programs.   Exponential Advisory’s two-day workshop helps participants to learn how to use ROI methodology to measure the HR and Training programs, satisfy organization needs, improve programs, and make HR a profit centre.

The need

A lot of HR interventions such as policy making, recruitment, organizational development, employee engagement, performance appraisal, and training, take place in organizations. Unless the monetary benefits are proved, all the above interventions are categorized as costs, and hence HR becomes a cost center.

Most of the HR professionals, feel the necessity of learning and development programs. Yet they are frustrated from the near lack of evidence to prove the numbers that lead to profits, save costs, save time, increase productivity, improve quality, reduce inventory, retain customers, and reduce attrition.


Although many models on evaluation and measurement exist, HR professionals are somewhat reluctant to use them to prove the value of their interventions.


The use of such models is threefold:-

  1. to justify the investments,

  2. to pitch for future budgets, and

  3. to make HR a strategic partner.



The Need: A case in point



     Mark has been in HR field for more than 14 years. In all these years, he had implemented many programs from policy framing, training, to planning events. In spite of this, he had not put an ROI process in place. Mark decides to meet his old friend Kabir, who has also been in the HR field for 20 years.


Mark is excited to meet Kabir, over a cup of coffee.


     “It is great to see you Kabir after a long time,” says Mark.

     “Yes, it feels great to meet friends from HR fraternity,” says Kabir. “Over the phone, you mentioned that you now have a mandate to set up an ROI process.”

     “Absolutely. Our CEO has many times questioned me, where is the money? On many occasions, he has asked me about the ROI process. Directors question our HR interventions. They feel all we do is co-ordination.  I need help to implement the ROI process. And I thought who better than you, as you have also implemented this process for your interventions.”

     “Yes Mark, I suggest you do evaluate the programs. Start small. Take coaching for ROI. I am confident you will be able to measure the programs.