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HR and L&D – The Buddhism Way!

Completed a course in Buddhism. I realize that this is way advanced than modern psychology. As an HR and L&D professional, few things come to my mind.

1. Sati – Mindfulness, in this era where multitasking is the key, how does one be mindful (thoughts and actions) of the task at hand.

2. Byāpāda – Hostility, resentment, hate and, bitterness. This can be seen in teams, especially at the time of the appraisal.

3. Thina-middha Dullness of the mind, inertia. This is reflected in the work that affects productivity at work.

4. Issā – Jealousy. The most important factor in corporates. The thing to question is how one creates opportunities and allow the talent to grow. Thinking of the larger cause and contribution.

5. Māna – Conceit, pride, to an extent ego. The concept of ‘I’. ‘I have done this’. How this can affect teamwork?

6. Avijjā – Ignorance. Ignorance that ‘Change is the only constant.’ Not at the intellectual level but at the experiential level.

The challenge is how does one implement the same in one’s my life and at the workplace. I realize that being an HR professional, I need to work on myself first, then the team and then the organization. With so many types of personalities HR deals with, to maintain a balance is crucial. This is where HR and L&D play a crucial role. The key is to have systems and processes in place that work on the above-mentioned aspects. This is where the future is.

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