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Wednesday Wisdom - Emotions at Bay

The majority of us are in fear, anxiety, depression, confusion, blame, guilt, or worry.

Fear of unknown

  • Anxiety to deal with the present situation

  • Depressed – to be locked in the house

  • Confused – Don’t know what to do

  • Blame – It is because of them

  • Guilt – I cannot do anything, helpless

  • Worry – What about tomorrow, what next.

In this scenario, what best can be done, action counts.

Have gratitude for what you have, your family, friends, food, and house.

Appreciate that you are taken care of. There are plenty of others who are deprived of what you have today.

Take one step at a time. Do not think of tomorrow, only think of today.

  • I need to cook.

  • I need to do the cleaning.

  • I need to do office work, check emails.

  • I need to take my dog for a walk.

  • I need to exercise.

  • I need to spend time with the kids.

  • I need to read.

The list of dos is endless, hence it is important to do and complete what is it that you need to do now. (like I am writing this, Now).

Accept – Accept that negative emotions are a part of life. Acknowledge them. For example, I accept I am anxious now, I accept I am depressed now. Keep a small notebook near you. The moment you are flooded with negative emotions, write them down. If you do this continuously for a month, you will see the pattern in you that develops negative emotions.

Benefit – The moment you accept, you release the resistance you have.

Below is the list of activities one can do to work on all the negative emotions.

Morning ritual/ Habit

Meditate – If you are not a fan of meditation, you can start small for say five minutes. You can gradually increase your meditation time.

As soon as you get up, you can do the following

  • Smile – This will relax your facial muscles and release the tension.

  • Drink water – Keep water next to where you sleep, so you do not have to work on the lethargy that gets built up post-sleep.

  • Meditate – Meditate for five minutes. There are ample guided meditations available online. Choose what best suits you. If not, then just focus on your breathing for the next five minutes.

Benefit – Meditation will set the tone for the day, and you are all set to do your routine.

Day ritual/ Habit

  • Joy – Throughout the day whenever you feel like at least do one of that brings you joy. Note, playing games online and surfing the internet is not to be included as it causes many distractions. Stay away from social media during this time. Do things where movement (hand, legs, or body), the action is involved.

¨ Draw or paint

¨ Solve puzzles

¨ Do small work out at home

¨ Play an instrument

¨ Write

¨ Do yoga

¨ Any other, that brings you joy

  • Drink water – Water is necessary to charge you and prevent dehydration. Lukewarm water works best.

  • Reading a few pages is the best therapy.

  • Put an alarm for reminders to just focus on your breathing. A lot of apps are available for the same.

Benefit – Doing small things throughout the day, brings joy, and enhances your productivity.

Night ritual/ Habit

  • Switch off the social media after 9 pm.

  • Before sleeping, two minutes again meditate, focus on your breathing, and be grateful for the day spent.

  • Have a good night’s sleep.

Benefit – A good night sleep to rejuvenate yourself and face the new day. .

Developing above requires compassion towards self, patience, letting go of the things you cannot control, and focus on your actions.

Be safe

Dr. Sonali Wagle

Attached: Emotions at Bay, ready reckoner.

Emotions at Bay
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