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Wednesday wisdom - Measurements the Buddhism Way

We have a lot of literature available in Indian texts- Veda and Buddhism texts. Today’s article focuses on the use of concepts of Buddhism in the corporate world.

Buddhism is divided into three areas. The Buddha talks about

Pariyatti – The texts, literature, the study.

Patipatti – The use of the texts in our day to day life. The Samatā and Vipassanā meditation forms an integral part of patipatti.

Pativedha – The nibbānic state, beyond mind and matter. The benefits of using patipatti in daily life.

Pariyatti consists of the texts called as the Tipiṭaka

  • Vinay Piṭaka - code of conduct for the monks.

  • Sutta Piṭaka - code of conduct for laypeople.

  • Abhidhamma Piṭaka - texts covering aspects of mind and matter.

A lot to learn from the Sutta Piṭaka texts. The Buddha model covers all aspects of corporate management. Pariyatti covers the ‘Ariya Aṭṭangika Māgga (Eightfold noble path)’. Pattipatti covers the path and shows how walking on the path gives immense benefits that go beyond the human mind.

If seen minutely it can help us in the areas such as productivity, risk-taking, decision making, conflict resolution, revenue generation, handle stress, build resilience, generate empathy.

Only if we start using the concepts covered in Buddhist texts in our daily life personal and professional that results will be seen. Not just Human resources, training, and OD professionals but also other departments can use the content available in Buddhist literature. Though one may categorize Buddhist text as philosophy, when read and made use of in daily life, one realizes that it has major component of management.

Reference – Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta (Samyutta Nikāya SN 56.11)

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