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Wednesday wisdom - The Social Media Perspective

“With power comes responsibility and with more power comes more responsibility” – Spiderman

So is it only for the superheroes or even for us when it comes to social media messages. We are forward or post, crimes, hate speeches, war issues, natural calamities, endless debates, jokes, politics, and videos on social media

I wonder what would Galileo or Einstein say today, ‘Social media messages travel even faster than light’. Yes, it is more true today. One may like it or hate it one cannot ignore it. We got the power in our hands to use social media for the benefit, for the cause or disruption. Mobile phones and social media are our friends than ever before.

It would have served more if people would have focused more on reading good books and improving their life rather than falling in their trap of atrocities.

What can be done?

  • Be mindful and diligent of what you want to read and forward/ post on social media.

  • Check the facts. For example, when a message says, a company ‘PQR’ is employing people, call on so and so number or send your resume to …@.., first call that number to check if the message is a fact or a hoax.

  • Be aware that the message originators have their vested interest. Do not fall prey to it.

  • Analyze the emotion you are in before you forward. For example is your emotion to share information, for time pass, to show your presence on social media, to satisfy your ego, or just because you have got a forwarded message/ post, you feel the urge to forward the same. If it is any of the above just stay away from forwarding it.

  • Understand is it your obsession or addiction. If you are one of those who forward/ post due to above-mentioned emotions then leave such groups that encourage useless forwards/ posts.

  • Be your own best friend. Save your energy for your friends and family.

  • Though one cannot see this, imagine the not so value-added virtual population you create for which you do not have the right data.

  • Remember the boomerang effect. You get back what you give. So if you forward/ post unnecessary things you are going to get the same. So stop blaming social media.

  • Reflect, reflect, and reflect your active presence on social media.

  • Be a responsible citizen.

Happy posting

Sonali Wagle

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