About Exponential Advisory


Exponential Advisory was formed in 2009 with a mission to make HR and training a profit center. In the past 11 years, we have catered to various areas such as setting up the HR department, leadership, coaching, conducting surveys, evaluation and measurement, behavioral training programs, behavioral research, and HR analytics.


Exponential Advisory is reinventing. After many years of research in HR and L&D, it has identified the core areas that matter for any organization and an individual to succeed. We all have to reinvent in all aspects of our lives. Follow Exponential Advisory for more updates. We are now reinventing


Having worked with all the aspects of Human Resources (HR), now our focus is to act as a catalyst to bring in the change in people catering to subjects such as conflicts, productivity, interpersonal relationships, empathy, handle turbulent times, through our workshops and coaching programs. Till date, we have trained more than 5,000 people across industries. We also do workshops for students as we feel that they are the future.



About the Articles

The articles written are the brainchild of the founder member Dr. Sonali Wagle. The articles will be released twice a week, one on Wednesday named ‘Wednesday wisdom’ and the other on Saturday named ‘Saturday share’. All the articles are a unique blend of health and wellness, personal and professional development, emotional intelligence, life purpose, self-discipline, human angle, and empathy.


Why are you writing these articles?

I Dr. Sonali Wagle write the articles. I enjoy writing and sharing my experiences. They are born out of my day to day experiences and the challenges I face. These articles are based on research, surveys, observations, and interviews that I have conducted for the past 20 years. There is nothing right or wrong about what I write. It is relative. Writing and painting give me joy.


Why should I believe what you write?

Belief is a state of mind. It develops due to our upbringing, social conditioning, society norms, our experiences, our understanding, and potential. There is nothing right or wrong. Things are subjective and relative to any person in question. Everyone has their journey and it is precious to them. What may be right for one or work for one may not for others. So do not take what I write at face value. Do your groundwork. Only apply if it works. If you enjoy reading my article and have helped you, please do share it with others.


Where do you get the information you write?

I have been a voracious reader. A core researcher at heart, a Mathematics and Physics graduate and an MBA to top it followed by my Ph.D. in Management, has given me the edge to research, work with the top people in the industry, and interview people to get first-hand data. I have done my Yoga teachers' training course from Kaivalyadham, Mumbai. I have studied Buddhism for the past ten years and also Vipassanā and Yoga practitioner. My mantra - enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy.


Who does the artwork on this site?

I do all the artwork. The artwork is my original creativity. Along with my Ph.D. in Management, I am a self-taught artist and have done a hobby course from the prestigious JJ School of Art, Mumbai (India). Most of the creative artwork goes with the theme I write on.


Is Exponential Advisory present on Social Media?

Though we were not much active on social media and have grown by word of mouth. Slowly we are using the technology resources and are now on Facebook.


Are you available for interviews/ talks/ public appearances/ write a book/ write for publication?

Yes, we have been doing this, and we would be available. We have published articles and presented papers on national and international conferences.  We will send you guidelines before we give interviews or talks. Do write to us on contactus@exponentialadvisory.co.in or on the Facebook page.


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