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Kindness needs courage

Today at the railway station, I came across a crying child lying on the platform. There was a small boy sitting beside the child. The child went on crying. People on the platform were seeing the child, with no help.

I was in dilemma, do I pick up the child, who is the child’s parents, endless thoughts ran through my mind.

I do brag about kindness and how to be kind. But when it came to action, I froze.

That is the time it hit me hard, kindness needs courage to put kindness into action no matter what. Also, kindness has its own intensity.

One lady picked that child, till then the mother of the child came.

I do take mindfulness workshops and kindness is one of the areas I cover. Was I mindful? No, I was not. Because if I would have been, I would have been of some help. I realized today, it is fruitless to talk about kindness when I cannot act on it. I need the courage to make my kindness work. I need to let go of any fear that may come in between my action. Just having empathy and equanimity does not help.

And I know I need to work on my level and intensity of kindness. Kindness needs courage after all.

With gratitude

Sonali Wagle

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