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Spider-Man needs a break

We are through two months of 2024 and there are a lot of things one feels to catch up on — it could be filing taxes, studies, college admission, a new job, finances, promotions at the job, a new house, the list is endless.

In all this we forget that we need time to ourselves, to reflect, to introspect, to grow, to recover. Self-compassion and self-love are the stepping stones.

I have my body,

I have my mind,

Still, I lay scattered.

I run helter-skelter,

in the past or future,

where is my present?

I feared to accept my present,

losing the joy in the moment

It is time to stay with nature,

there is nothing to lose.

So calm yourself,

and focus on your breath,

that is where joy is.

After all even Spider-Man needs a break.

With gratitude

Dr. Sonali wagle

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