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Idea Generation Series - 1

A lot of Management concepts are written and discussed, the one most underrated is ‘idea generation’. It is like meditation, everyone talks about it, the question is are we implementing it?

In our consulting assignments, we have used an idea-generation mechanism to generate feedback from employees and customers. The idea generation mechanism has helped us more than anything else.

In the interviews that we conducted with various corporate employees, one single factor that emerged is “The management does not listen. When we are on the field we know what it takes to be there.”

I realize, ‘You cannot win a match by sitting in the stands.” Idea generation is better said than done. Idea generation is a tool that if used correctly can give valuable inputs to get information, increase sales, increase productivity, increase effectiveness, empower people, reduce costs and save time and energy.

There is plenty of ideas that can be received from our own people, provided we are patient enough to listen. Are we willing to listen?

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