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Series - Steps to set up an OKRA process (Part 2)

  1. Start with one department. This will boost confidence and can let the team know the challenges involved. It is best to start with the HR department (talent acquisition, talent management, HR operations, L&D, compensation and management, and performance management) as it will play a key role in setting the process organization-wide.

  2. The OKRA is set for micro and macro levels. Leaders can have crucial conversations to explore the possibilities. Remember, this requires a change in mindset and breaking the mental models.

  3. Understand the vision, mission, core principles, and organizational objectives.

  4. Once this is done, formulateof the HR Objectives, HR KRAs, and actions.


The objective for the HR department could be “Make HR a profit center”


Key result

Talent acquisition

# Offer acceptance ratio of minimum 80% # Filling the vacancy with a period of 40 days post requirement

Learning and development

# Achieve a net benefit of 300% in monetary terms on 70% of the programs # Make the organization a learning organization

Employee retention

# Improve the employee satisfaction score from 70% to a minimum of 85% #. Have an open feedback system in place # Ensure a minimum 75%. Employees give feedback

Employee wellness

#. 100 % of employees pass the fitness test # Make the health and fitness of employees a priority for the company

Vague concepts such as - learning organization (what does it mean for the company to be a learning organization), needs to be defined quantitatively, health and fitness.

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