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The appraisal

The quarterly appraisal season has started, few questions to ponder.

Based on our limited knowledge and understanding we appraise. Do you know if we are really in the position? The position does not mean designation.

Do we bring self-inflated egos to hinder others' progress?

Do we due to our biases of caste/ gender/ economic status/ education appraise others?

When it comes to our own appraisal we do question all the above. We need to be brutally honest with ourselves. Why this hypocrisy? I hear people say, 'Even I will become boss someday'. I do not know what they mean.

Why can not appraisal be a healthy discussion on growth, flexibility, opportunities, possibilities, support, practical, rational, and non-judgemental?

From the appraisee's end, we create havoc on our life for that appraisal and salary increment. Our life is centered around appraisal. As if that is the end of the world. It could be for some. Who am I to judge? We do not know what is the other person's journey. The appraisal becomes the goal. Many times we know what the end result is.

Remember we do have a choice. This appraisal makes us lonely. We do not give time to our family, or friends, avoid picking up that call saying busy, and follow other person's vision rather than creating a sense of vision and purpose. Our health takes a toll. Why are we running behind on the appraisal? Rather why not focus on developing skills, self-renewal, working on possibilities, respecting self and decisions of others, working on self, and enjoying every moment?

Haven't the pandemic taught us enough?

With gratitude

Dr. Sonali Wagle

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