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The Appraisal

The appraisal season is 'ON' and the corporate world is now geared to talk about money. Yes, in the end, it is all about money, isn't it? Social media will be flooded with promotions, new job offers, and people changing companies.

We all want to have fair practices. But what is fair is subjective. For example, we may want a certain amount of raise, but we do not choose to give the same kind of raise to our house help/ security guards/ housekeeping staff/ construction workers. Of course, their job is menial, isn't it?

Being in the industry, for 25 years and working in the HR/ OD/ Evaluation and measurement/ mindfulness space, it is clear that appraisal is all about dissatisfied employees, frustrated managers, disappointed staff, and top bosses who choose to ignore what is happening at the ground level.

The core reason this happens is due to a lack of Vision- A Shared vision. No matter how much we talk about goals, these goals are not quantified and lack operational definitions. Moreover, they are not linked to financial gains, other than the sales and marketing department. Organizations lack this transparency.

Unless every individual in the organization has skin in the game, this will continue. As one of the CEOs I interviewed remarked, 'Dr. Sonali, If one is getting paid without any accountability and being answerable, why do you think they will do the accountable work'. In the end, what gets measured gets done and what is done needs to be measured.

Happy appraising

Dr. Sonali Wagle

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