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Training companies in India

I get calls for training in the areas of evaluation and measurement, HR analytics, and mindfulness. Of course, I specialize in this area. I have my Ph.D. in management with 26 years of consulting experience in the HR, performance management, and evaluation and measurement area.

Yet the first question HR and L&D executives ask is whether I am associated with any foreign training companies or HR network. 

I fail to understand what it is for HR in Indian Companies that they are looking for a foreign training company association. Look at the CEOs of top companies - Sundar Pichai or Satya Nadella have their bachelor’s degrees from Indian Institutes. 

Why is the association with a foreign training company needed? Do Indian trainers lack the expertise? Or HR gets more value during appraisal if their work profile shows how they have a tie-up with foreign training companies. Or is it just the brand? In my experience, I beg to differ. After all, the people working for Google or Microsoft in India are Indians. 

The sorry state is that Indian companies are willing to pay millions of dollars just to be associated with foreign brands when Indian companies may do the same work for better quality and availability at probably half the price. I see no edge in hiring foreign labels unless the HR wants to boost the same. 

After all who else will know the Indian pulse better than Indians?

With gratitude

Dr. Sonali Wagle

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