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Do we need approval?

On 23, and 24 March, India celebrates the festival of Holi. I go for a walk. People everywhere, in a festive mood. Impossible to identify how people look. They are covered with Holi colors.

I spot a cattle grazing. Only on a Holi day, one can see the animals also in colors. I wonder what they must be thinking.

I have a sense of urge to paint the cattle. A cow poses for her to be sketched. Gratitude to the Cow, so self-less full of compassion.

Passers-by wait to see them when I am painting. They appreciate, ask questions, and applaud. A few are hesitant to stop and watch. At times people may not know how to react. Grateful to see them smile. Probably a few have not seen a live painting by an artist. Gave a community feeling. That is the spirit of Mumbai.

I think, with so much appreciation, do I need to be in a stadium, or need my boss’s appraisal to say how good I am at my work? Do I not know what I am doing? Why do people want approval from others, when their work speaks for themselves?

I sign off. I thank the cattle for being such a patient model.

Happy Holi

Dr. Sonali Wagle

Material — 6 x 6 inches sketchbook, Watercolor on 180 GSM paper

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