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Fake world - some questions

To fake is a part of humanity. This happens because we live in a false and fake world. We pay a lot of attention to how we look. We are preoccupied with what others think of us. 50% of our time goes into pleasing others and thinking about what others think about us. Even if that may not be the case. Even if we know we are right, we tend to change or pick up wrongdoings. 

Whether it comes to film stars, covering the face with surgery, botox, face lifts, or anti-aging pigments the list is endless. For example — waxing the body. So much pressure is put on women to wax their bodies. Their mothers, families, and friends. As if women do not have enough torture, there is this unnecessary body torture of waxing. And yes, we have an entire beauty industry being created that says, if you do not look beautiful, you are invisible.

We have plenty of women in sports, police, and defense, who care a damn about how they look. Their entire focus is on productivity. Instead of working on the looks, why can’t actors work on their performances? Even in popular television serials, the focus is on how the ladies in the serials look. Have you ever noticed that the ladies shown in the serials are not educated or not bothered about education? 

Why do you want your daughter to embrace this fake leaving rather than living her authentic self? There is not much peace when you are not your authentic self.

Why can’t we age gracefully? No matter how much we camouflage our looks, nature will take over. What satisfaction does one get doing things that we are not? What pressure are we under? Why can not we look at a person as another human being? No matter how rich, or how beautiful, everyone has their own set of problems. 

Of course, being presentable makes us feel better. But being presentable and looking artificial are two different things. Our grandparents used to be natural. There was no artificialness. They used to embarrass nature and aging. 

Though corporates are now embracing ‘Unity and diversity’, it needs to be seen what can be done in the area of being a fake person in corporate. Pleasing the bosses and not being authentic self. Are we willing to take the risk? 

So what kind of world do you want to live in fake or real? 

With gratitude 

Dr. Sonali Wagle

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